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Your First Visit

On your first visit to Pro Active Chiropractic, you will have at least a half an hour with your doctor. During this time he will listen to you in order to learn about your injuries, goals, or health issues. He will then take an appropriate history and ask you questions in order to narrow down the possible diagnoses. Then he will perform the necessary physical, orthopedic, and neurological examination procedures to determine the nature and cause of your condition.

Your doctor will then take the time to explain his findings, the causes of your problems, and what can be done to help. His primary concern is to determine if you are in the right place to get help. If your doctor believes he can help, treatment will start during the same appointment. In most situations, you should expect significant postitive changes in your condition after each treatment. If you do not experience improvements after 2-3 treatments, he will change tactics, recommend imaging/testing, or refer you to a specialist in the appropriate field. These possible options are dependent upon the nature of your issue and your doctor will always keep in mind other possible or worst case scenarios, even if at first they appear unlikely. In this way patients will either respond quickly to treatment or steps will be taken to get them the right care as quickly as possible.

There are no cookie cutter treatment plans. Your doctor will let you know what is typically necessary to recover from any particular injury or health issue, but your individual needs and progress will determine the course of care. A final note about your care at Pro Active Chiropractic: Expect results!