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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Jeremiah Morgan

Dr. Michael S. Guerriero, D.C.

Dr. Michael S. Guerriero, D.C. offers a unique combination of treatment methods and 10 years of experience to his patients. Dr. Guerriero graduated cum laude from New York Chiropractic College in 1999 and was a member of the Phi Chi Omega Honor Society. Even prior to his graduation from chiropractic school, Dr. Guerriero’s interests lay in expanding the treatment tools at his disposal so that he could help with a wider variety of health issues. He is a certified practitioner of Total Body Modification and he is a certified provider of the Active Release Techniques® (ART®). Dr. Guerriero has been a certified provider for ART® since 1999 and he has been an instructor for ART® since 2002. Combining these areas of expertise with traditional chiropractic care, diversified adjusting methods (a variety of ways to adjust any particular joint), rehabilitation and exercise programs, ergonomic instruction, nutritional evaluation and recommendations, biomechanical evaluation and correction, dietary instruction, collaborative efforts with other health care providers, cutting edge physical therapy tools and modalities, and a true concern for the well being of his patients, Dr. Guerriero will leave no leaf unturned in order to get results for his patients.

From youths just beginning athletics, to the collegiate, Olympic, and professional level, Dr. Guerriero has successfully treated athletes of every age and level. He has been a treating doctor at the Ironman World Championships and is the team chiropractor for the Charlotte Eagles and Lady Eagles soccer teams. Dr. Guerriero thoroughly enjoys helping young athletes due to his experiences as an injury riddled young athlete and he is well versed in the care of athletes of all types. His rare combination of treatment methods and his individualized approach to patient care has made Dr. Guerriero equally successful with patients of all walks of life and of all ages. From infants with torticollis or digestive issues to patients who are told that their joints hurt because of their age, Dr. Guerriero has methods at his disposal that give him a fantastic chance to help most conditions presented to him.

Dr. Guerriero’s ambition to help people stems from the many injuries and health issues he experienced as a child, as a young athlete, and as a young adult. From mysterious hip issues as a child that left one leg nonfunctional for months at a time, to chronic knee problems as a young athlete, to stubborn training injuries and physiological issues as a young adult, Dr. Guerriero discovered the hard way that there is a large gap in the types of problems medical care can resolve.

Resolution for these issues appeared miraculous at times and came from chiropractic care in a variety of forms. An adjustment immediately restored the function of his leg after having been on crutches for two months, custom Foot Levelers orthotics resolved chronic knee pain medically diagnosed as Osgood–Schlatter’s disease and chondromalacia patella, specific soft tissue treatment resolved shoulder pain that had persisted through orthopedic care, multiple rounds of physical therapy, and two years worth of time, and neurological/functional physiological treatment methods resolved persistent upper respiratory issues in an instant that had otherwise been unaffected by medicine and antibiotics.

Because of these experiences, Dr. Guerriero is acutely aware that a greater variety of treatment methods gives him a better chance to help those in need, and because of these results, Dr. Guerriero was inspired to become a chiropractor in order to prevent others from suffering from the frustration and depression that can come with injuries and health issues. It is why he does what he does.

On the personal side, Dr. Guerriero enjoys many forms of music, good food, history, sports, and of course, fitness, exercise, and athletics (especially soccer). Dr. Guerriero grew up in Ridgewood, New Jersey and graduated from Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, Virginia. After graduating from MWC, he worked and lived in the Washington, D.C. area where he met his wife, Melanie. The choice made to switch careers in order to help people gave the couple a variety of addresses over the years including New York, New Jersey, and Nebraska. Since moving to Matthews, North Carolina in 2003, Dr. Guerriero and his wife have been blessed with their young children Sofia and Michael, great friends, and a wonderful community in which to raise their family. While Dr. Guerriero enjoys the hobbies noted above, he absolutely loves and adores his wife and his children.

Dr. Jeremiah Morgan

Dr. Jeremiah Morgan, D.C. CSCS

Originally from Indiana, Dr. Morgan grew up in the Midwest until age 10 when his family moved around the southeast, eventually settling in the south Charlotte area in 2016. Growing up as a multi-sport athlete, he has enjoyed all aspects of competition and athleticism from a young age. Eventually he narrowed his focus toward football in college and was able to play 4 years of NCAA football for DePauw University as a running back. After graduating with a degree in Sports and Exercise Science, he continued to learn more about human movement, health and wellness by enrolling in Chiropractic school and moving to the Charlotte area after graduating.

Throughout his career as a strength and conditioning coach, and as a chiropractor, he has had the privilege of working with athletes of all ages and talents to help them perform better and pain free! In his free time, Dr. Morgan enjoys spending time with his wife Laura, and his daughter Riley most of all. Some of the activities that he enjoys include pickup games with friends, cycling, and camping.