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Patient Empowerment

Diet & Nutrition

Dr. Guerriero provides dietary and nutritional instruction to assist his patients in their recovery from injuries or health issues as well as for preventive measures against common risk factors and diseases. His recommendations are specific to the individual patient’s needs and goals and to the particular needs of the patient’s body.

Supplements from Metagenics, Nutri-West, Standard Process, and Thorne Research are utilized by Dr. Guerriero and are available at the office.

Rehabilitation & Exercises Plans

Specific exercise plans are designed based on the doctors' findings during examination and during treatment for his patient’s injuries. They are designed to speed up recovery and to address the deficiencies that have led the patient to injury. Patients are also instructed on which exercises to continue with after recovery in order to prevent future injury.

The doctors provide instruction regarding patient’s current exercise habits and patterns to prevent injury or to assist with goals. They also design exercise plans to meet particular patient goals, such as improving strength and size, losing weight, or lowering cholesterol.


Ergonomic instruction is an attempt to eliminate aggravating factors for patients and to prevent future injury. Dr. Guerriero’s goal is to get his patients better as quickly as possible and to keep them well for as long as possible without the necessity of frequent care. Ergonomic instruction can include informing a patient about how to best set up their work station, or advice on sleeping positions and support. The goal is to prevent aggravating factors from prolonging a patient’s injury and to keep the patient from re-injuring him or herself once care is concluded.


Our doctors will refer patients to other healthcare providers in both the medical and alternative healthcare communities as necessary. Referrals occur if someone else is better suited to treat a particular condition, if the combined treatment of another healthcare provider would help speed recovery, or if care from another provider after the conclusion of care at Pro Active Chiropractic would help the patient prevent recurrence of his or her issues. Of course, our doctors also refers patients for imaging studies and/or evaluation in order to determine if more serious issues are at hand that did not at first show themselves during the history and examination.