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I am Hattie A. and I met Dr. Guerriero approximately five years ago while experiencing severe low back pain diagnosed as a degenerative disc associated with lumbar spinal stenosis. I had previously been treated by a MD, Spine specialist and had undergone a considerable physical therapy regimen, all to no avail. The Siskey YMCA staff referred me initially to Dr. Guerriero which was my first experience with a chiropractor. My impression then of Dr. Guerriero and his staff was and continues to be that they are exceptionally professional, pleasant, and patient oriented. When I came into his office for treatment, I was in such dire shape; I could barely get out of my car. After looking over my x-rays, he informed me that if he could help me I would notice improvements within the first three visits. After my first treatment, I was able to walk with less pain, my first relief without pain medication. My second visit gave even more relief allowing movement with minimal pain. Finally, my third visit was an absolute miracle; I was back to normalcy functioning without impediments.

Over the years I have relied extensively on Dr. Guerriero’s chiropractic services to treat rotator cuff, knee, and rib cage pain just to mention a few. I have referred my family and friends to his expert care. All have high praise and satisfaction from their visits to his office and they too tell others about the exceptional talent and healing power of this awesome professional. I am confident that Dr. Guerriero has prevented me and many others from having to undergo surgery. I completely trust his judgment and highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for good results. He does not believe in taking your money needlessly for continuous care if he can not resolve your condition timely and successfully.

Hattie A.

Dear Doctor Guerriero,
This letter will be a testament to your expertise, services, and most of all your results. I have been a patient for a number of years, and get treatment once a month. I am a 67–year old cancer survivor, and with your help have regained most of the strength and mobility I lost during my lengthy treatment. I also would like to share how you corrected my tennis elbow. I am an ardent golfer and play from the left side, so my right arm is the main connection to the golf club. I was having pain in my right elbow, and with your treatments, the pain went away, and has not returned since then. Most golfers I know with this problem have had shots for the pain, and eventually surgery. Thanks to you I didn’t need either. I have shared your results with anyone and everyone who will listen because I believe you are one of the few good, no great, doctors in this area. Please keep up the great work. I know I will always be your patient.

Sincerely yours,
Timothy C. R.

Chronic shoulder & neck pain had been keeping me from continuing to do strength training, long–distance walking, and outdoor cycling. After several recommendations from my massage therapist, I went to see Dr. Guerriero at Pro Active Chiropractic for treatment. It was the 1st time receiving chiropractic services at age 57.

Using the ART method, Dr. G relieved my shoulder, neck & jaw pain...which also helped stop my frequent headaches. Using a holistic approach, he referred me to my dentist to be fitted for an NTI device which helped to keep me from clenching my teeth at night.

Because of my knee and back pain, Dr. G evaluated my gait and scanned my feet, discovering that I would benefit from custom Foot Levelers orthotics. These orthotics have helped tremendously and I have virtually no pain in my knees or back anymore and I have been able to resume my usual physical activities, including working at a part–time job where I'm standing for 4-8 hours at a time.

I have referred several friends to Pro Active Chiropractic and I still make occasional "maintenance" appointments for treatment. This treatment has led to tremendous improvement in my overall health and fitness levels, which has enabled me to feel much better mentally, as well as physically.

Michele A.

Dear Dr. Guerriero,

I just want to thank you for taking away the pain that I have had for the past 10 years. I am 63 years old and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998 and I had a lumpectomy performed on my left breast. I was one of the lucky ones, they were able to cure my cancer. However, I had constant pain and soreness after my surgery on my left side and under my left arm after the radiation treatments. I was told that this was normal and that nothing could be done. Thanks to the healing hands of Dr. Guerriero, I no longer have that pain and I no longer have to live on Naproxen for the pain. What a blessing! This is truly a miracle for me.

I also had hip replacement surgery in 2005 and at times, it is very painful, especially after performing daily household chores. Dr. G helps to ease my hip pain with his maneuvers and the assistance of his staff.

I work on a computer all day and therefore, I have constant neck pain and shoulder pain. Dr. G’s manipulations and therapy always make me feel better. And he gives me exercises to do on my own at home for physical therapy.

Dr. G is very knowledgeable, very caring and very professional. I always feel better after a visit to Dr. G’s office. I highly recommend Dr. Guerriero and his staff at Pro Active Chiropractic and I want to thank them for improving my quality of life as I meet the challenges of growing older.

Suzie C.

As a result of coming to Pro Active Chiropractic, I discovered that I had a leg length discrepancy and therefore needed a lift in my Foot Levelers orthotics. I have been involved in athletics my whole life and have always worn orthotics and no one has ever caught my leg length discrepancy. This has always caused me lower back problems, especially after running. I now have less back problems and my feet have never felt better. Thanks Dr. Guerriero!

Heidi Casey
Former Lady Eagles player

Dr. G and Staff,
I wanted to personally thank you and your staff for helping me get over this awful pain in my lower back. It really is amazing what you do. You took the time to listen and immediately found a solution. As a patient I always feel unsure if I am relaying exactly what the issue is or if I am making any sense at all. After only a few treatments I have relief. I am overjoyed that I can move again. Thank you so very much for all you do. You truly know your stuff!

Kindest Regards,
Kristen D