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Types of Care

Acute Care

During acute care, Dr. Guerriero and Dr. Morgan will return you to pain-free function as quickly as possible. Our doctors will bring to bear a variety of treatment methods, physical therapy tools, and patient empowerment to ensure a speedy recovery.

Performance Care

Many athletes and members of the performing arts choose to receive Performance Care in order to improve a specific part of their physical performance. Typically, they either notice room for improvement in their performance or they simply want to maximize their physical potential. Performance care treatments include assessment of the patient’s biomechanics and performance, and treatment of structures that will restore optimal biomechanics to the patient as well as grant maximal mechanical advantage to the muscles and joints required to perform. The result may be improved speed and ease at getting over hurdles for a track star, improved speed and control for a baseball pitcher, or greater leaps for a ballet dancer. Improving performance and preventing the liability of wear and tear on the patient’s structures are a part of performance care and keep athletes at the top of their game.

Wellness Care

Most people are familiar with maintenance for their teeth, dental hygiene, and a growing number of people are beginning to appreciate the benefits of spinal hygiene as well. Dentists have for years advocated that people perform maintenance of their teeth at home (brushing, flossing) and at regular checkups, all to preserve and promote the health of their teeth. It is a concept that nearly everyone is familiar with. Now consider how important your spine is for physical function over time as well as for your body’s total function and health as directed by the nervous system that is protected by and intimately related to your spine. Many people consider their spine to be at least as important as a nice smile and decide to preserve and promote the health of their spines (and therefore their total health). If this idea interests you, we develop Wellness Care programs tailored to combat the specific daily physical stresses of each individual.

Wellness Care programs include home exercise and stretching regimens (brushing and flossing for your spine) and regular check ups at weekly, monthly, or quarterly intervals (depending upon the physicality of your life). At these check ups, ART® treatments will remove the build up of tension and adhesions in structures put under the most stress by your particular job, exercise program, or leisure activities, and chiropractic adjustments will restore proper function to your spine. TBM methods will address areas of stress and physiological dysfunction in your body. The result is prevention of injury and spinal degeneration (arthritis) as well as promotion of total health and physical performance.